Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cops love Family Guy

A reader sent this photo in of an MPD patrol car around 14th and Columbia on Sunday night. Looks like they enjoy Stewie's antics.

Bigger version here.


  1. Like really, why isn't this getting more attention? Why isn't this plastered across the front page of the WaPo as evidence of our inept police force? I once came across a cop asleep in his car parking in our alley. I wanted to take a picture but then thought better because I'm sure this guy would make my life a miserable hell if he found out who ratted him out...

  2. Exactly! Get your fat ass out of the car and meet the community you inept piece of shit. I'm not paying you to watch family guy and down donuts.

  3. This is not funny. This is bullshit. Next time, get some ID info in the pic and report. In the space of time a Family Guy episode occupies, I'm sure plenty of activity goes down on 14th/Columbia that should be of interest to the MPD. Ugh.

  4. I didn't take the photo, but it appears to be car #338.

  5. I love when people make a mountain of an argument without knowing any facts. What if s/he was off-duty?

    All these anonymous comments...what's the matter? Afraid to attach a name to your opinion?


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