Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Columbia Heights getting pedestrian upgrades

Looks like the long-awaited Columbia Heights Public Realm plan is about to start up. The plan, which will have construction start within the next two months, will upgrade the triangle after at 14th and Park / Kenyon with wider sidewalks, a fountain, trees and such. The city will also be improving sidewalks on 14th, Park, and Irving.

Sounds good to me. I hope they fix the ridiculous crosswalk pattern at 14th and Kenyon, where sometimes it will be "Don't Walk" in all directions, but there are no cars coming at all. DDOT is also thinking of reducing the wait time for crosswalks, i.e. making the green lights shorter. WTOP has the full story.


  1. Nice title. How are they going to upgrade the pedestrians? Bring in professional walkers?

  2. Shorter green lights should do wonders for traffic. Maybe they could synchronize the lights to improve traffic flow.

  3. Good point anon #1. Maybe more comfortable shoes.


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