Friday, September 12, 2008

Cluck U

No, Cluck U!

I was perusing Flickr and found this funny mural, it's at 2921 Georgia Ave NW, at Columbia Rd. Anyone been to that Cluck U?

Photo by IntangibleArts


  1. That's on my street! But it has been closed for quite some time. Serves as an impromptu parking area for Howard and DC police, which I guess isn't a terrible thing.

  2. It was with fanfare that Cluck U reopened last year under new management but sadly it closed after just a few months. The older management had quite a time handling their rogue staff. I went there for the best gizzards I've ever eaten, but sometimes would give up and leave when clearly no one was working on the order.

  3. Man, that Cluck-U would sell fried fish, and not just the breaded squaure fish fillets but the real deal fish and you'd sometimes get a bone or a scale in your mouth -- so good! The building is for sale. Would be a sweet spot for a coffee house or cafe. sigh. At least the vegan deli is still open at Everlasting Life!


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