Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Breaking: Columbia Heights Metro closed (by a giant teddy bear?)

Just got this via AlertDC:
Columbia Heights station is closed due to Police Activity outside of the station. Shuttle bus service has been requested between Georgia Avenue and U Street / African American Civil War Memorial.
Anybody been there? Got any news on it?

UPDATE: Commenters say it was a teddy bear. Wow. Here's ABC on it.

UPDATE 2: Commenter tmoney says this is the bear! That does look like Commonwealth at 14th and Irving.

UPDATE 3: DCist notes the bear could be this bear, a climate change protest of sorts. That would mean somebody could be in the bear. It could be some sort of art project too, Mark Jenkins or part of Brushfire.

The Metro is back open. WMATA says it was a "suspicious package." Yeah, a bear-shaped one.

NBC4 has the full story, and possibly the best photo I have ever seen.


  1. happened by in an attempt to take my dry cleaning in... the entire block is closed down, police won't let you past the health center/CVS atm... I asked police if I should wait or go home and come back in an hour or so, they recommended I go home and wait "a couple of hours" .

    a guy at the hot dog stand said they had closed off the block because of a bomb threat, he's not the most credible source, but the police/fire/emt presence and the closure of an entire city block suggests he might be right... nothing on the news yet that I can tell.

  2. http://www.wjla.com/news/stories/0908/553849.html

    Here is the "story" from ABC news...

  3. Yep It wasn't a "suspicious package," it was a RAGGEDY, LIFE-SIZED TEDDY BEAR propped against a trash can. Certainly one of the more unique bomb scares. I hope someone has a picture of it.

  4. Haha, I thought that was a joke. Wow.

  5. I live in the Highland Park building so I got to see the bear up close and personal. It appeared outside between 7-8am most likely. It seems to be a Mark Jenkins piece...


  6. this is supposedly a picture of it.


    it is creepy looking. I wouldn't think it was a bomb but definitely creepy.

  7. Interesting you say that... I saw a picture of the bear (http://i78.photobucket.com/albums/j106/PekkaMarkkanen/WTF-1.jpg) and it reminded me of something I saw when driving by the watergate the other day, it was a moose? dressed up a policeman or something...

  8. perhaps then an artist has targeted DC, perhaps Jenkins himself, and we will see more weird life sized animals with human clothing popping up.

  9. metro is open again!


  10. The police were kind enough to come into Pete's afterwards to spend some money after we lost an hours worth of business.

  11. Wow, I leave town for a few days, and all hell breaks loose. Thanks for the picture, it's now my wallpaper on my laptop.


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