Friday, September 5, 2008

Bomb threat at DCUSA?

About 12:15 pm, my roommate called me and said about 40 police cars were on Irving around 14th Street, and there was police tape from 14th to 16th, Park to Irving. A commenter on the last post said at 12:55 pm it was a bomb threat, and added "There was a large crowd of employees at the triangle plaza [14th and Kenyon] and police had the southbound side of 14th blocked off. I saw at least five K-9 units there and they were in the process of sending them in."

UPDATE: The roommate went back at about 1:45 and said it was all clear.

DCist has some funny comments about it.


  1. I was at staples buying envelopes and I rode through this mess on my bike. I heard a couple of different stories. It was a bomb threat, there was a dead man in the garbage can, there was a man in a mask behind the garbage can. I'm trying to find the scoop. I took a bunch of pictures. They'll be on soon.


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