Tuesday, August 19, 2008

What's the best band in Columbia Heights?

How about some non-shooting-related news? I've been curious to see if there are any bands based (or partially based) in the neighborhood - there have to be with all the folks, and all the instruments I hear coming out of windows. So I'm going to do a little contest/series on the best band in the hood, with the winner to get something - maybe beer, maybe free publicity - the Official Band of New Columbia Heights?

Basically, if you know of a band with at least one member living in Columbia Heights, let me know in the comments or via email. The more members in the neighborhood, the better. I'll do a little review of them, talk about them, and so on. Once I get enough, I'll choose a winner.

So help me find some Columbia Heights bands!


  1. i think at least part of Ra Ra Rasputin is based in columbia heights, and they are awesome. they have a gig coming up this friday over on h st ne if you want to check them out live (really the best way to take in their performance), but they have some videos up on their myspace as well:


  2. Don't know who they are, but there is a band I always hear emanating from the upstairs of a house between 14th and 13th on Girard. They sound pretty good and on at least one occasion, I've seen people outside the house for a party while they are playing.

    Additionally, I think there is a classically trained singer living in a house further down the street (between 13th and 11th on Girard), as I've heard some impressive bari-tones coming from somewhere in that vicinity as well.

  3. Cool, I'll have to keep my ears open.

  4. The band Pure Light Seed used to live in Columbia Heights, but most of the members have moved out of the neighborhood. I believe they are frequent visitors of CentroNia on 14th & Columbia and the drummer works there. Anyway they are a pretty good band with a positive message. Not just entertainment, but a band with a message to help the healing of the universe.


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