Friday, August 15, 2008

What We're Missing: A Post Office

I saw this on the Columbia Heights forum, it's an interesting idea. The nearest post offices are the one on Georgia and the one at 14th and R, and folks have had bad experiences with the Georgia Ave one.

It'd be nice to have a little one in DCUSA (or in any of the other various empty storefronts around). And who could be opposed to a post office?


  1. Kinkos and the UPS Store that are within a block of DCUSA might be opposed to a Post Office.

    But other than that, I think it would be cool. I suspect that the reason we don't have one is the lack of office buildings in the neighborhood - they figure people are more likely to go to the Post Office from work than from home.

  2. I'm not 100% sure of this, but I believe that DCUSA actually used to be a post office.

    On the south side of the DCUSA building, there's a portion of the facade from the original building built into the new building -- I believe with a BestBuy sign on it.

    When I first moved here I was told that it was the facade from "the old post office."

  3. yes I'm 99% sure the old post office was there as well. From what I remember reading the old timers said that they were about as bad as the Georgia Ave. post office and the rats would chew on the mail. Fun times!

  4. Don't forget that everyone living in the 20001 zip code has to drive all the way to the Brentwood Rd. NE office to pick up a piece of certified mail. It may be for other zips too, but I hate it since I don't have a car.

  5. Every small town in rural America has a post office, usually on main street. Often this is the largest storefront that is not a bar. The post office is most certainly within walking distance of most of the residence of that town. Why must those of us who live in urban neighborhood get less service? The post office at 14th & T feels like a hold over from the post-1968 riots. The bullet-proof plastic windows, package cages, worn out floor tiles, and poorly maintained plants are very sad.

  6. I was very happy to see this posting. Yes, there used to be a large post office on Irving and the facade is now incorporated into DCUSA. I'm shocked it hasn't been replaced with at least a sub-office. Don't give up. 30+-yearer

  7. When I saw the comment that we needed a post office, my mind quickly leapt to the hideous old post office on Irving Street. I used to live on Lamont Street and I remember the first time I went to that P.O. (in 1994). Ohmigod it was hellish... it was like a post apocalyptic nightmare... it looked like a bombed out piece of rubble. BUT IT WAS BETTER THAN NOTHING (like we have now).


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