Friday, August 22, 2008

Weekend Bits

Some neighborhood stuff this weekend:

--Garage sale at 903 - 905 Euclid Street NW from 9am to noon Saturday

--Watch out for the police jaywalking sting at 14th and Irving!

--School starts on Monday. Want to volunteer to help spruce up local schools, like Bell, Tubman, or Cardozo?


  1. Volunteer to spruce up schools?? Isn't that what I involuntarily pay taxes for? And I don't even have any kids....

    Don't get me wrong, I think the schools deserve all the neighborhood support they can get, but to update a quote from the 60's(?) 70's (?), wouldn't it be a great day when the schools got all the money they needed and we were asking volunteers to help "spruce up" the Pentagon?

  2. Hi there, shameless plug...

    Another great way to get involved in DCPS is to volunteer with Capitol Letters Writing Center:

    This fall we'll be providing creative writing workshops and drop-in tutoring, and we'll also work with a student committee to produce an original anthology about life in DC. We have a happy hour and orientation coming up on 9/9. Check our website for details!

    the CLWC Volunteer Coordinator


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