Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Want to plant a tree at your house or business?

If so, DC nonprofit Casey Trees is offering a rebate that'll help you green your land. Here's their press release.
DC Tree Rebate Extended and Expanded for 2008-2009

To encourage tree planting on private property in the District during the 2008-2009 planting season, Casey Trees is offering rebates of up to $50. Effective September 1, the program is being expanded to include nearly all non-invasive trees. Recipients must plant the tree at a residence in DC and agree to water and care for the tree regularly. Rebate forms will be available online at www.caseytrees.org and at many area garden centers beginning September 1st.(...)

Fall is the best time to plant trees in DC. Casey Trees continues to encourage the planting of large-growing shade trees such as oaks, maples and American elms for their extraordinary environmental benefits. However, for those homes with smaller yards where large canopy shade trees are not feasible, Casey Trees has expanded this season’s rebate program to also include smaller flowering and ornamental trees, including dogwoods, cherries and crepe myrtles.
Go to their website for more info.

Photo by Mr. T in DC

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