Monday, August 25, 2008

SmartBike, bike racks coming to DCUSA

Looks like we'll be getting SmartBike DC and more bike racks at DC USA.

After the post about needing SmartBike, DC's new bike sharing program, at DC USA, I got in touch with councilman Jim Graham and DDOT's bike program manager, Jim Sebastian.

About a SmartBike DC location, Sebastian said "Yes. we will have one in that general area," but wasn't sure about when that might be, as they haven't reached an agreement about SmartBike's second phase.

He also said "we're working on it" when it comes to additional bike racks.

Jim Graham's office had more on bike racks. Here's the response of one of his staffers:
I walked through with DDOT and the developer and we identified additional locations where they plan to add racks.

At last check, they were awaiting a shipment of new racks, but I expect we'll see additions in the coming month or two. I'll try to get a timeline from dDOT.

The Deputy Mayor's office has refused to consider racks in the garage. I think this is something we should pursue further. This could potentially improve employee parking options which would free up spaces at the curb.


  1. The Deputy Mayor's office can refuse all it wants, but I'm pretty sure DC parking regs require it.

  2. Does anyone know where to get the full list of requirements for bicycle racks in the DC parking regs? I'd be interested to know exactly what they require.

  3. I've had experience with these bike programs in Brussels, Belgian and Vienna, Austria, where they are immensely popular and successful. Something tells me that if this type of program were to fail, DC is they type of place that could achieve that level of failure. So far, I don't see any comprehensive plan to make these successful. There are no bike lanes worth using, streets are in disrepair, and the design of the bike racks and bikes are poor.


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