Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shooting at 14th and Fairmont

I was on the way to Dunkin about 30 minutes ago, when I ran into this. Police cars and vans, police tape, cops, and bystanders were everywhere.

I spoke to one girl who lived in one the buildings on the corner, and she said there were multiple shots fired, then lots of people ran away from the west corner of 14th and Fairmont. She said she saw one guy who was shot in the stomach area, and a few cars had bullet holes. She also said 4 guys had jumped into a blue car (which had one of the bullet holes), then police pulled them out and there was a big fight. I had also heard the police helicopter flying around earlier, without knowing what had happened.

Anybody else hear or see anything?


  1. One guy said that he heard like 30 shots with AK47s, a cop escorted me to my house. Don't know anything else, haven't seen or read anything about it...


  2. I live on this block and the sounds were in such rapid succession that I thought it was someone setting off fireworks. Definitely automatic weapons fired.

  3. I also live on this block and came home around 11pm to see police tape, a taxi with a shattered rear windshield, and chalk lines on the street. No MPD officers were nearby for me to ask what was going on. If anyone has more information, please share it! Thanks for blogging about this.

  4. I heard the shots and headed over there. It definitely didn't sound like automatic weapons fire. I saw that at least three guys were hauled away. If someone was shot, it didn't seem like it.

    Kudos to MPD, the Secret Service, EMS and DCFD for responding to the fight rapidly.

  5. did anyone find out what really happened?

  6. There's some more info on this over on the southcolumbiaheights Yahoo! group.

    Link here:

    Note from Chief Lanier to a member of the South Columbia Heights Neighborhood Association here:

    "Mr Whatling,
    As you stated, the officers and security were there when the shooting took place and apprehended the gunman and the guns used. You are correct in that the crowd did attack the officers and three additional people were arrested. We continue to add officers and enforce the laws as aggressively as we can. We will need all the community support we can get to keep these violent offenders off the street"

  7. This is why I'm moving to the burbs...

  8. Last anon - I would argue that you probably wouldn't be affected by any shooting. I would bet this is because of some kind of crew vs crew thing, drug dealing, or a personal grudge. If you don't do any of those, I don't think you need to worry.

  9. @Andrew - unless you happen to be walking down the block and hit by a stray bullet.

  10. Rhea, I'm doing a story on the shooting and fight, and I'd love to talk to you about what you saw when you came home. I saw the cab and what looked like a minivan beign towed away by police later that night; I was wondering if you might remember any more details. Please email me at Thanks!


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