Thursday, August 21, 2008

Police ticketing for jaywalking at 14th and Irving!

I got this email from a few folks yesterday and today, and I saw it myself about 5 pm today - there are police standing around 14th and Irving trying to catch folks for jaywalking.

I gotta say, jaywalking isn't a good thing, but given the shootings and things here lately, this seems like kind of a waste.

In any case, beware of walking around there, don't want to get a fine.


  1. Not to condone jaywalking, because I'm opposed, but even if we ignore the real problems in the neighborhood, as you mention, wouldn't it be nicer to ticket the cars driving like jackasses?

    Give tickets to people making u-turns in the middle of 14th, making lefts through crowded crosswalks, double-parking, and all the stuff that's really making the street a total disaster. Let the jaywalkers fend for themselves.

  2. Jaywalking traps have nothing to do with law enforcement - they are simply the most efficient ticketing method for generating revenue. Which is just fine with me, personally -- if you average one jaywalk a day and get hit with a $40 ticket once a year, that's only a dime for each jaywalk. I know I'd hand a cop a dime every time I wanted to jaywalk...

  3. Woah.. indeed, I might turn into a "don't snitch" black guy if the police cannot focus its resources better than that!

  4. Having police in the neighborhood enforcing laws such as jaywalking, double-parking, etc will help deter other criminal activities by creating a visual presence.

    Would you rather just have the police standing around or putting their time to good use to enforce all laws?

  5. Maybe so sean, but it's not like 14th and Irving is the most dangerous intersection for crime. There are others they should go to if that's the case.

  6. Well at least the police are getting their asses out of cars. If we can just get them to walk from one corner to the next and actually TALK to the community, maybe Lanier's BS talk about community policing will actually start to take effect!


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