Thursday, August 14, 2008

Police raid, $2 billion lawsuit on Georgia Ave?

This is a pretty crazy story. Somebody (they're not sure if it was MPD or the DEA) raided a house on Georgia Ave at Harvard last month, supposedly for a drug raid. The raid was filmed by WJLA - a witness says it was a birthday party and that the police started hitting people.

The house is owned by MPD Captain Melvin Gresham, but he rents it to the city for subsidized housing. Gresham is suing MPD for another unrelated case and is a witness in a third. Gresham's suit against MPD is because he was accused of asking another officer to alter a report for a car crash he was involved with, and he's a witness in a case of another MPD officer who's suing the department over sexual assault and battery. It's a really weird situation. Gresham is threatening to sue MPD for $2 billion (yes, billion) over the raid, which he says was aimed at discrediting him.

Here's the news article, and here's the video.

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  1. Why does the phrase "no honor among thieves" come to mind?nhs


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