Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Neighbors against the 11th and Lamont wine bar?

Just saw this one the Columbia Heights Yahoo! group - some neighbors are opposed to the new wine bar coming to 11th and Lamont, and plan to fight against the liquor license. Others argue in favor of the place.

Here's the whole discussion thread - the two opposed folks argue that it's going to be noisy, messy, and there will be drunks around. The folks in favor say it won't be, it'll be upscale, a nice place, and the owners have a good track record. I tend to agree with them - this place has $14 glasses of wine, not $2 shooters. The valid-ish point I see is from the other person opposed, who argues for a Boys and Girls Club or something for the kids. Of course, there's already one at 14th and Euclid, not that far away, but I kinda see what she's getting it.

Here's my take - it's a wine bar. People who frequent wine bars usually don't get crazy drunk, and the place is abandoned now. If someone wanted to raise money and put in a kids' center or something, there are tons of other empty storefronts around, and the wine bar hardly prevents that from happening. And I don't even drink wine.

Anybody else?


  1. If it's anything like Cork I'm thrilled to have a wine bar in my neighborhood. Wonderland is the type of bar I don't need to visit but a place with some class, I will. That section of 11th reminds me of H st, desperately in need of renovation.

  2. I'm happy it is coming, and I look forward to going there. What a lot of this knee-jerk opposition to new business tends to forget is what the alternative is. The alternative is not whatever you wish was there - the alternative is what actually is there, which is to say, an empty storefront.

  3. Those against it are patently against the individuals who'd frequent such a hob-nob, highfalutin type of place. They'd rather associate the wine tasters with those who regularily trash and toilet-ize their neighborhood. Overlooking the mini security detail created by the wine bar denizens with their cell phones and next days' blogging posts.

  4. Perhaps the people who are against it are against the problems of noise, traffic, trash and so on that will surely accompany the place. You think wine drinkers are going to be any different? You should think again cause you're being sold a bill of goods. It'll be bad unless of course you don't live within shouting distance.

  5. The wine bar is proposed to have more outdoor seating than indoor seating, with something like room for 45 outside. Whether they are drinking wine or water, they will be loud, loiter, take up the few street parking spaces around for residents, and leave some trash. There are already a number of bars on 11th street that serve wine, beer and liquor. One more is not needed, will not serve the majority of the community, and will decrease property values of homes in the immediate area. This is a horrible idea and I hope many others will join me in fighting the liquor license.

    Thank you.

  6. we have the same thing in bloomingdale. people trying to fight our first bar in the neighborhood just because. and they try to equate drinking inside a bar to the drinking that guys do out of paper bags on the street.

    analogy fail!


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