Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Neighborhood meeting tomorrow on the shooting, etc

A commenter posted this on Monday's post. The Faircliffs is the big building where a lot of trouble seems to be happening. I'll be there.
FYI: There's a meeting of the South Columbia Heights Neighborhood Association at the Josephine Butler Parks Center at 2437 15th St, NW on Wednesday 8/20 at 7pm, where this incident will be discussed. CM Jim Graham and Cathy Lanier will be there as will Neicy Jones, who is the regional manager of the Faircliffs. It'd would really be great if as many people as possible came.
The Prince of Petworth also posted a video showing the mob that formed afterwards, though it's hard to see really. I think this is when the guys jumped into the blue car and the police pulled them out and got in a fight. There's been speculation that the mob was to distract the police from whoever did the shooting. This video is showing Fairmont looking east from 14th.


  1. thanks for letting us know about the meeting, i'll be there. i have been thinking about what to say if given an opportunity to speak. any suggestions on the most effective polite way to state that this type of violence is unacceptable and has to end.

  2. Simply stating the obvious won't have a hugely desired effect. The best thing to do is to ask specific, direct questions of the chief and the CM about things like:

    1) Why is there still no effective community policing plan in place?

    2) What, if anything, is the DC council doing to increase the penalties for illegal gun possession and fix the currently broke gun laws that are restricting MPD's ability to arrest folks. See this article:


    It's good grist for the mill. People should hammer the CM on what, if anything, he is doing to bring pressure on Mendelson to start moving fixes through his committee.

    3) People should ask what, if anything, the CM/Mayor/Chief are doing to push for more funding of the U.S. attorney's office for more prosecutors.


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