Thursday, August 7, 2008

More on CommonWealth

DCist had a reporter visit CommonWealth, the new "gastropub" at 14th and Irving, the other day for a pre-opening thing, and it looks pretty tasty - lots of beer and hearty English food, including an English breakfast. I have a feeling this is going to be a good Saturday or Sunday morning recovery place. Check out DCist's post for lots of photos.

Anybody go Wednesday? I'm planning on hitting it this weekend or so.


  1. I did not go, but I was disappointed to see that they only have one vegetarian entree on the menu (an Indian dish). Did anybody try it?

  2. yes. my friend tried it. not worth it. go to an indian restaurant if you want curry. there are a couple of other veg options. the smoked tofu shepard's pie was just awful. and we were told the jacket potatoes would not be ready until later in service. i know it is a meat-centric place, but please, please make at least one tasty veg main.

    the non-veg options did not fare better. the fish and chips weren't even as good as i remember hank's fish and chips to be. really small portion. the pasty was dry. i would recommend sticking with the items on the butcher board, the apps, and the trimmings. the mains are not worth the money and definitely not as good as the rest of the menu.

    the desserts were overly sweet.

    all in all, it was not the best, but it was not the worst. i would wait until the weather cools down. most of their menu items are quite heavy for 90 degree weather.


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