Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Faircliff management responds

The Faircliff Plaza East at 1350 Fairmont St NW, one of the complexes near Saturday's shootings, is often tagged as having violent residents and being poorly managed. Here's their management's statement on the shooting:
We have been consulting with our Security firm and with the police to get all the facts regarding the incident that happened this weekend. Thank you for your email. We are also copying Councilmember Graham. This is what we have been told by our guards and the police thus far:

Our Security Company guards were patrolling when they heard gunshots fired at 14th and Fairmont near the BP gas station—outside of our property line. They notified DCMP. They saw two armed men shooting at each other. One man was hit and the other man ran. We have been informed that the shooter went into 1401 Fairmont (this is not our property) and came back outside the building, when our guards pursued him as he went into the backside of 1375 Fairmont (The New Amsterdam, which is also not our property). They apprehended the suspect in the alley behind the New Amsterdam and took him to Faircliff where they met the police. Two arrests were made, neither of them residents of Faircliff Plaza East.

One of the two men was shot in the hand, we are told. When the DCMP and our guards tried to prevent the injured shooter from leaving, some members of a certain family who are residents of Faircliff started to confront the police and our guards. We know this family and currently they are under notice for eviction for other offenses. Our court date with them for this eviction is this Friday, August 22.

We couldn’t agree with you more that it is totally unacceptable to assault officers and guards. Our guards are to be commended for pursuing and apprehending shooters who were in the neighborhood, not on our property. Lt Pearce of DCMP says that she greatly appreciates our efforts in the community and that our security guards are of great help to her in her efforts. In fact, had it not been for the outstanding efforts of our security company guards, who risked their lives; the criminals would not have been caught.

We continue to coordinate our efforts on a daily basis with DCMP, management and our security; in addition we have a monthly meeting with representatives to re-enforce these efforts. Our officers work at least 48 hours per week on a nightly rotation. We have placed a security guard in a marked car at the entrance of Faircliff Plaza East who is there nightly. We have added an officer for additional patrol during the day.

I again appreciate your concern about the neighborhood and concern of our residents. We share the same concerns. We diligently pursue any resident who does not abide by the laws of D.C. or the rules of HUD for subsidized housing and we aggressively evict violators, whenever the courts allow us to do so.

Again thank you for all your support and efforts in ensuring that the community remains a place all can live, an interest we all share.

Together We Can,


E. Neicy Jones, HCCP
District Manager
Eagle Point Management
So what do you think? Passing the buck, or an appropriate response?


  1. "Together we can" ... do what exactly. I hate those incomplete sign-offs.

    Did you cover the meeting last night? It would have been nice after all this talk that someone took an interest to attend the meeting and report on the minutes.

  2. The meeting is tonight, I'll be there

  3. I think its a better response that I expected, given that they are in the process of kicking out at least that scum (yeah, scum) family that was harassing the Police/guards.

    Also, I am positively surprised with the fact that their guards actually chased the a-holes that were shooting.

    Finally, what matters, however, is whether the management actually continues to "patrol" the tenants to make sure any other scum (yeah, scum) is kicked out and kept out promptly.

  4. I wonder what the odds are that the eviction will be successful? Any thoughts on this? I've never been evicted so don't know if its the same toothless threat as most other laws of DC.

  5. I am afraid it can be very difficult to get people out. At least in DC, AFAIK, you cannot call the police to come and carry out the tenants stuff etc. like you can, I believe, e.g. in Virginia. But I am hoping these big building managers have their way to get the scum out if they really want to/need to.

  6. if you get an order for an eviction from landlord tenant court it then goes to mthe u.s. marshalls. who will call you the day before an eviction. then the landlord must call an ecvition company to go with the marshalls and once they have opened the door all the tenant's belongings are put on the street in about 20.minutes. if it is raining that day or the tempeture is below freezing, i believe, the eviction will be canceled and rescheduled. secondly almost all tenants appearing in court for nonpayment will be issued a payment plan. if and only if they miss a payment can evition then be scheduled. ironically the 8 or 10 people hired to remove the renters belongings are usually homeless men and women. and so it goes.

  7. I think its an appropriate response. How does it sounds like passing the buck? I think they acted/ are acting within their scope of responsibility.

    This company is not solely responsible for any of this. Sure, they can contribute to positive changes, but at the end of the day, it's the individuals involved that need to be held accountable. The last thing we need is to create an antagonistic relationship between the managers here and the surrounding home owners.

  8. I can't believe some of these residents of Faircliffs. They are lucky to have a roof over their heads, paid by DC tax payers, and they act like animals?!

    Get rid of them.

  9. What is the family's name and current address?

  10. why don't you think about the fact that the faircliffs residents have been in this neighborhood (and I'm willing to bet, city) a lot longer than you assholes?

    also where are they supposed to go when they are evicted?


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