Wednesday, August 13, 2008

CommonWealth closed Mondays

On Monday night some friends and I decided to check out CommonWealth, the new British style "gastropub" at 14th and Irving. We went over... and the doors were locked. There wasn't a closed sign, but it was clearly not open. About 10 other people were there at the same time we were, trying to go in, looking in the windows, etc. They don't have their hours on their website, but the Post's review confirms it - Tuesday through Sunday.

I guess taking a day off makes sense, but we were disappointed.


  1. taking a day off makes sense. but not advertising it does not. their website does not even give the phone number for the place.

    in general, just as their website is not ready, the food did not seem like it was quite ready...

  2. DCist reported their hours and other details last week:

  3. Yeah, I linked to that before but missed the Monday part. I agree with the first anon, they should put their hours on their website.

  4. Their website links to OpenTable, which provides their hours:

  5. they just added that. was not there this morning. that is a start.

  6. and i see they put up their menu too. thanks. 'british-inspired american-bred' i like that. think they paid someone big time to come up with that?

  7. I was extremely disappointed in this place. $8.50 for a UK pint of beer? They have ONE TV and they would not turn it to a live college football game for us on a Saturday night. They were showing some soccer game that was actually a repeat. They have to keep a soccer theme. OK.

    They are closed on Monday nights as well because they hate money from NFL monday night football fans, who happen to drink and eat tuns.

    A guess if you are into over priced theme bars, this is your joint.


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