Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Children's garden on Girard

I saw this on the Washington Times' website the other day, pretty interesting. I take issue with calling 14th and Girard a "dangerous and deadly stretch" of the neighborhood and one of the city's "most notorious crime areas," but the Times' writers and readers probably all live in burbs.

In any case, it's an interesting idea - maybe sprucing up the neighborhood would bring more people to the park, get residents involved, and make residents think more about their neighborhood and thus reduce crime. The organizer, amusingly named Lola Bloom, said "You have the ability to take ownership and change the community. The area has a completely different feel and attitude when people take charge and change it for the better." Other residents say more kids are there, which changes the dynamic of the park.

I think it's in this area.


  1. You take issue with it? Do you know how many people have been shot there in just the five years I've lived there?

  2. Part of me really wants to argue about 14th and Girard being the center of all evil in the city, because I live a block over. But part of me knows that, every time a violent crime goes down within five blocks of my house, it happens at that corner.

    I think the Times is exaggerating a bit. But not as much as I wish they were.

  3. I'm a 31 year resident of Columbia Heights and I read the Times:)

    Crime has always been high around 14th & Girard...it's just that nobody cared until more whites started moving in...

  4. Well, anonymous, aren't you happy that us white started moving in then? Perhaps it gets more attention now.


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