Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big sizes at Marshall's

The other day I was perusing Marshall's for shirts and shorts and stuff, and I noticed something: aside from being disorganized and kinda messy like Marshall's stores elsewhere are, they don't have many smaller sizes in shirts, at least for men.

There were lots of larges and extra larges and XXLs (and bigger) but very few mediums or smalls. Maybe it's all the ice cream stores in the neighborhood or something, but it kind of stinks.


  1. Wait a minute, you're saying that while shopping at a discount store where retailers and manufacturers dump their unsold items, you're surprised that the S, M, and L (aka the best-selling sizes) selection is slim? This has nothing to do with the ice cream stores in the neighborhood (or as you're trying to imply America's obesity problem), and everything to do with the fact that you're shopping at Marshall's.

  2. Don't forget, Jack, some stuff doesn't sell because it's ugly, not because it's the wrong size.

    Maybe they're just out of the most popular sizes because other shoppers in the area already bought them.

  3. I think it's just the balancing of the universe. I can't fit into medium or large sizes and there are never enough xl sizes for me. But when I go to Marshalls, the tables are turned. Glorious

    Taste my pain!

  4. you need to find out when they get their new shipments in and time your shopping with that for the best selection.

  5. This is a silly discussion. I was hoping this blog would be dedicated more to real neighborhood news. I don't care about what sizes Marshalls carries, but I do care, for example, about what other retailers are going into DC USA (will we ever get an organic food market??) and whether the developers will ever be held accountable for the shoddy construction job that has resulted in roof leaks on the top floor and constant fire alarms going off everyday, etc. Anybody know anything newsworthy or having anything substantive to contribute? When is Sake Club opening and why is it taking so long?

  6. Anon - sometimes there isn't much neighborhood news. The last I've written about Ellwood Thompsons, the organic grocer, is here already, and nobody has anytihng new. And this post was my observation of Marshall's.

    I don't intend this blog to just be "new ___ coming," but also to look at what's here, what's not here, how things are, and what's going on.

  7. oh my god, anon...get over yourself...you want a blog about "real" neighborhood issues, start one yourself

    i had a professor once tell me that the paper i wrote was great, but he didn't like the subject and so he was giving me a lower grade...i thought he was an idiot too


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