Thursday, August 28, 2008

Best sandwich in the neighborhood?

I'm kind of hungry and I like sandwiches. What's the best sandwich in Columbia Heights?

Potbelly is pretty good (I like "the wreck"), the grilled cheese at Wonderland is solid as are their sausages. The Heights also has some good ones at lunch time, like the tilapia BLT and shrimp po-boy. And of course, the breakfast sandwiches at Dunkin and Starbucks are excellent for certain purposes (such as the morning after a big night out). Mayorga seems to have some too, but I've never had them.

Anybody else have recommendations?


  1. Columbia Heights Coffee on 11th North of Park has some tasty sandwiches. I've had their veggie sandwich, and have been tempted by but so far avoided their bagel with lox.

  2. The bagel with lox there is excellent!

  3. the mayorga sandwiches are DELICIOUS. seriously. but you gotta order them at the bar. delicious.

  4. My recommendation is to not get too attached to the Mayorga sandwiches...the place is closed for good, to be reborn as Asian Bistro.

  5. I hear the latin sanwiches of the Pink Panther (something else in Spanish) street kitchen/kitchen van are good. :)


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