Monday, August 25, 2008


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I saw this the other day on Fairmont, and there's one on 13th too. Christ Church is the one at 13th and Irving, and I'm glad to see this. Maybe more local groups will get involved.

It mentions the city's Clean City initiative,

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  1. There seems to be a sudden cleanliness cut off from 18th or 16th Street as you head east.

    Take Columbia Road for example. If you walk it from Connecticut Ave up until Adams Morgan the streets aren't covered in litter, the tree boxes are neat and tidy, and there's even grass in some of them.

    By the time you get to 14th street it's a sorry state. The garbage bins are overflowing, there looks like there's been a riot at McDonalds, and the only grass you can consider is the stuff left in the discarded joint butts on the sidewalk.

    Harvard St is better but not that much.

    Is the city responsible for... any of this? I'm a world champion bitch and moaner but I need a target first.


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