Monday, July 28, 2008

Wine bar coming to 11th Street

Is 11th Street the new 14th Street? Probably not yet, but there's a wine bar coming to the old 11th Street Deli at 11th and Lamont. DCist has a post on the as yet unnamed place, which will have wine from $8 to $14 per glass. Seems kind of high to me, but hey, I'm not a wine person. I've been told it's a very small space inside, "intimate" or "cozy" in restaurant parlance, and will have about 30 seats. They'll also have cheese, meats, and some hot food and espresso.

The place doesn't have a name yet, and they're looking for an October 1 opening.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention that it's being run by Paul Ruppert, who runs (ran?) the Warehouse art space. There was talk of Warehouse or Warehouse Next Door, the concert/theatre venue, moving to this location, but obviously it's going to be a wine bar instead.

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  1. ouch... they might be pricing themselves out of business. while it may not be overwhelmingly expensive, this is 11th street, not 14th. they'll need to do a bit better than that to survive in the long run. i think something more reasonably priced would be better for the area. just look at matchbox in chinatown. wines are priced between 6 and 11 per glass and it's in chinatown.


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