Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What We're Missing: Apple Store?

The other day I got a tip about an Apple Store coming to DC USA - somebody saw a sign on the 2nd floor that said "Now hiring" and had the Apple logo on it. Obviously this was worth checking out, so I went over there. Turns out the sign was advertising the Apple shop inside Best Buy, a little section that has some Apple gizmos. So no Apple store in the neighborhood, at least for the time being.

But that got me thinking, an Apple Store wouldn't be too bad to have in the neighborhood. The nearest ones are in Pentagon City, Clarendon, and Bethesda, and people in D.C. love their iPhones. Plus each one of those gizmos is $300+, so that's a pretty hefty sales tax bonus for the city government. Of course, an Apple Store is about the yuppiest of stores, which is not a bad thing, necessarily - depends on how you look at things.

So, pro or con an Apple Store in the neighborhood?


  1. Please, take this post down before you cause a panic at the Columbia Heights Forum and listserv.

  2. I think an Apple Store would be a great addition to the underwhelming mix of tenants currently at DC USA. Not just for the residents of CH and Petworth, but also for the rest of DC. It gives people a reason to make the trip here, and may help to redefine the identity of CH.

  3. jon: i would have just done a spit-take if i was drinking something, that was hilarious!

    of course, there is an apple store coming to georgetown. i think apple wants to target more established wealthy shopping areas first. wait until columbia heights is completely gentrified before they move in....

  4. I am all for an Apple Store, I just think it would fit much better in Metro Center or Friendship Heights.

  5. i think CH would be on a list after georgetown, f street/penn quarter, friendship heights, and possibly 14th street near logan.

    dc usa will get its quality tenants. don't be suprised if an old navy or gap type store signs on within 18-24 months. and look for another quizno's/subway type restaurant as well.

  6. quality tenants == "old navy or gap"??

    i don't get it.

  7. As convenient as an apple store is, I feel like having that would be the nail in the coffin to turn this into a Georgetown-esque area. People have become so into all these new big name stores coming in, and we are losing the culture of the neighborhood. What happened to supporting the little guy?

  8. There ain't a snowballs chance in hell that Columbia Heights is getting an Apple Store. Oh, and Nordstrom isn't moving in either, in cases you wondered.


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