Tuesday, July 1, 2008

We're under attack

Not really - but I heard some fireworks last night, mistaking them for gunshots until I heard the fizzle.

If last year was any indication, get ready to hear a lot of this for the next week. Hopefully nobody's house gets shot - last year some kids on my block were having a good time shooting them near people's windows.

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  1. several years ago i thought it'd be a great idea to join my friend's bar b q up at 14th and colorado.

    we were waiting for the 54 bus at girard street and, like, 10 kids started shooting roman candles and other fireworks at us. luckily those wacky kids had bad aim. can't complain, that's what i was doing at age 11! (not)

    in hindsight its funny. i guess.


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