Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Washington Sports Club is crowded

Maybe it was Obama's visit, but the Washington Sports Club is Columbia Heights is packed! So says a poster on the Adams Morgan listserve:
In the past two weeks it's almost impossible to workout during rush hour and later. In order to use the 'cardio' machines you need to make reservation...
My buddy who's a member of the club said something similar, "you have to plan your workout around what machines are open," but that it seems to be confined to the cardio machines.

Maybe all that working out will counter the Five Guys and donut places and ice cream shops in the neighborhood. Anybody else have problems with crowding there?


  1. That gym has been packed since the day it opened. I wasn't aware you could "reserve" cardio machines...but that's a good idea for that gym.

  2. I was there last night at 6:30 and only had to wait like a minute for a treadmill to open up. It's definitely a crowded gym, but I try to zone out and not let it bother me.

  3. The only thing that really bothers me at WSC in terms of crowding (and it seems to be pretty frequent there) is the level of non lap swim activity that goes on in the pool. There are only 4 lanes, so call me a pool snob, but I think that means that you shouldn't take up a lane unless you are lap swimming. If you want to "aqua jog," great- at least you're getting some sort of exercise that can only be done in a pool. But I seem to encounter a lot of people using the pool for playing around, gabbing with friends, rather than athletic purposes, which bothers me. We have tons of FREE pools in DC to enjoy on a hot day. Here is my official request that all people use THOSE pools for playing around. Leave the lap pool at WSC for swimming! In other words- If you're not getting your hair wet, don't use that pool. If you're wearing a bikini that you'd wear to the beach, don't use that pool.

    In my perfect world, goggles and swim caps would be mandatory :)

    Wow- I feel better already :)

  4. My trainer tells me that they just ordered several more cardio machines, but who knows where they will put them? And how do you "reserve," I've never heard of that? It's very crowded, but my biggest complaint is the shoddy construction job -- there are roof leaks all over the place! My second biggest complaint is that it's understaffed, I can never find anyone to help me when I need help. Also, whoever left a plastic bag of stuff in locker #22 in the women's locker room more than a month ago, please remove your stuff! I complained to the staff but they didn't do anything about it. Besides that, I like the gym! :)

  5. the gym has always been crowded, but i haven't noticed a difference since Obama's visit! at least they finally added more classes to the weekly schedule, now it's not a fight to get into a cycling class!

  6. It definitely is crowded at peak hours. I've never had to wait for a machine though and I've gone in the morning, after work, late at night and all times during the weekend. It's nice to see everyone trying to get fit, I must say!

    and gina grace -- i totally agree with you!!!

  7. WSC at Columbua Heights is the worst club I have ever been to. The front desk are rude and the General Manager is stupid and slow. Everytime I had a issue with my membership he would always take days to respond to my messages. The locker rooms smell and are dirty and the cardio equipment keep breaking down.


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