Sunday, July 6, 2008

Power outages in the neighborhood

It seems like the power is going out a lot in the last few days, especially in the eastern part of the neighborhood. On the 4th and 5th it was out along 11th and Georgia (Wonderland was out around noon on the 5th, for example) and today it was out around 11th and Park Road - stores and such didn't have any lights and alarm systems were beeping. The odd thing is, there really hasn't been much severe weather that I've seen, just a little bit of rain.

Pepco's current map shows 100-250 out in the middle of DC, but I can't really tell what zip code. And yesterday I got this notification in my email:
PEPCO reports an outage on Georgia Ave. from Columbia Rd to Fairmont St NW. Pepco states that two feeders were tripped. 900 customers are without power and Pepco is on the scene making repairs.
In honor of that, here's a performance of "Neighborhood #3 (Power Out)." Anybody in the hood lose power?


  1. On the 700 block of Irving (between Sherman and Georgia), my power was out twice on Saturday, both for about an hour. But it was back on before it got dark.

  2. my friend's house near 10th and irving was out for about 45 minutes on Saturday night, maybe 7pm-ish?


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