Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mayorga now has a Korean menu

Review by Robyn Mincher

Mayorga Lounge is a strange place. It's an upscale bar with a different owner than the coffee shop yet named after the coffee shop. Most people accidentally stumble upon the place when finding the coffee shop bathroom. The menu changes about once a week, one Friday night its dead and the next it's packed to the brim. What gives?

Ponder Mayorga's misdirection over a steaming plate of Korean rice and beef- with their new supremely tasty Korean menu. Each main course comes with three toppings-including controversial Kimchi (you either love it or hate it). After sampling the tasty food, we asked the owner of Mayorga if this good change was here to stay. He said since acquiring the skills of a Korean head chef that he means to keep the new menu, and let's hope he meant it. The Korean menu is reason enough to give Mayorga another try.

We suggest trying it before they change the food to Icelandic (though that'd be kinda neat too, no?).

Mayorga Lounge is inside the Tivoli Building at 14th and Park, on the second floor.


  1. Many of us savor the day when Mayorga shuts down and a real lounge opens up. These guys clearly have no idea what they are doing.

  2. I've been frustrated with this place since the time I landed in Columbia Heights 5 months ago.

    Is it Coffee shop/hangout place?
    Is it a would-be club?
    Is it a new, hip Korean restaurant?

    I don't know. And I don't think the owners have much of a sense of their own business model. I'm also bitter because they've started turning off their wi-fi at 4:30 when no one is there to drive up their new menu. Confusing.

  3. has anyone actually eaten there? this is the best korean food to be found in DC and the owners are great too. people come in just to pick up the wings on their menu cause they're also kind of amazing. let's not shit on a small business owner because we're mad about target, and ruin their chances at staying above water.

  4. This place is awful. God awful wannabe club/restaurant/coffee!
    PICK ONE. now they have a new place. yeah... okay lets see how that goes, the service STILL sucks. They do not know the menu nor do they have any customer service.

  5. I'm pretty sure the same person is posting on all Mayorga related posts. Please give me specifics.


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