Friday, July 11, 2008

Haunted Mansion being repaired?

If anybody's been on Girard between 13th and 14th, they might have noticed a big, seemingly abandoned house on the north side of the street. To me, it looks like a haunted mansion from some movie. However, it's not abandoned - in fact, it's owned and lived in by two well-known DC (and especially Ward 1) political activists, Dorothy Brizill and Gary Imhoff. Both are whistle-blowers/agitators/gadflies, and have done a lot of good things for the city, mostly by asking questions of lawmakers.

But their place is a real dump - broken and missing windows, peeling paint, piles of debris in the yard, etc. It doesn't look like anybody lives there, or has for some time.

The City Paper has been covering the house for years, starting in 2002, and in May 2008 noted the house had been condemned, unless they did some repairs. It looks like that might be happening, as I noticed the other day that the first floor had what looked like some new windows. The upstairs still has missing windows, but hey, it's a start - I guess.


  1. So they live in there without windows?!?

  2. I guess they just live downstairs or something

  3. wow, make sure you follow up on this one. worth watching...

  4. too bad they are "repairing" it with nasty vinyl windows. sick.

  5. developer across the street said they were just living in a few rooms. But let's be realistic. How many rooms does one couple actually need? Nothing wrong with living in one part while you renovate the rest. However, I worry about their security...


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