Thursday, July 10, 2008

Beer Run: Sonya's Market

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This installment of Beer Run takes me to Sonya's Market at 11th and Harvard. The store is small inside with a little counter and bulletproof glass just inside the door. The selection was decent, with Sierra Nevada, Dogfish Head, and a lot of tall boys and stuff, plus food. Prices were a bit high, however - Sierra Nevada was $8.99 and Dogfish Head (forget which one) was $11.99. Yuengling was $5.99, which is reasonable. I bought a tall boy of MGD for $1.50. I think it's probably better for that sort of thing, unless you're in a pinch.

The ratings:

Selection: 3 - not bad
Price: 2 - $8.99 and $11.99 is mucho
Ambiance: 3 - sort of crummy inside, but the shopkeeper was nice.

Sonya's is at 2833 11th St NW

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