Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Want a Mural?

Saw this on the Columbia Heights listserve, pretty cool - the Latin American Youth Center is offering to paint murals on houses and businesses, both to beautify the hood and to prevent graffiti. Ronald Chacon from LAYC told me there is no fee. Here's their message:
The LAYC Art+Media House seeks outdoor walls for its summer murals initiative. If you are tired of repainting a wall that is continuously tagged or vandalized in other ways, than your best bet is a mural. We know that walls with Murals not only beautify the neighborhood, but keep others from "tagging" or vandalizing.

We will provide all materials, supplies, youth workers, and a lead artist. Content of Mural will be pre determined and approved by both parties.

Only a few slots are available for the summer but more may become available in the fall. So if you or your business are interested, please write us a short one paragraph proposal. Good luck.
Chacon also told me via email "There is no fee. We cover all supplies and materials. We might need bathroom access or room to place a port-a-potty. There will be a lead artist, and assistant, and about 10 youth. All final designs will be approved in conjunction with the site owner.

Other assistance would be appreciated: Cold water, snacks, and a place to store paint and other supplies."

Interested folks can contact Ronald Chacon at LAYC, 202-319-7312 and

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