Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tree falls on 13th Street

Saw this Saturday afternoon, a big tree fell on 13th Street at Irving and crushed the back of a parked car. Yikes!

This may not be the reason, but the building where the tree was didn't have a retaining wall on the 13th Street side, so whenever it rained there would always be a big mud flow on the sidewalk. I guess that's why you should have retaining walls!

The street was blocked off by the police, but I'm guessing it's gone now, have to check later.


  1. Andrew, think you might share with us which block of 13th that is? :-)

  2. My guess is that this tree fell because the retaining wall beside it had slowly deteriorating over the years as pieces of bricks, concrete and soil oozed down onto the sidewalk and filled up about 1/3 of the sidewalk in the process. I thought of complaining to the District many times, to see if they would cite the owner, but decided to keep the focus on my own block --that keeps me busy enough! Hopefully the owners will repair the retaining wall and replace the tree. Columbia Heights can't afford to lose the tree.


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