Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Smashed Cars on 13th Street

Originally uploaded by squidpants
I hope nobody here parked on the southbound side of 13th between Fairmont and Clifton - you may be in for a crummy morning. Somebody (drunk, I assume?) crashed their car tonight on almost every car on the southbound side of 13th Street.

There were 5-10 cars smashed up from what I could see, with some missing wheels (pictured), front ends knocked off, crunched fenders, broken bumpers, etc. Pretty insane. Police were there, and I couldn't tell if they caught the person, but some bystanders said they thought the person ended up with their car in the back of another.

It's pretty amazing that they could get that far while causing so much damage, as they went a few blocks doing some pretty severe stuff.

A lot of police were on the scene at about 11:30 pm and they had sealed off 13th with police tape. Stay tuned for more.

UPDATE: I took some more photos at about 1 am, after the police left and they had towed at least one car away. Bigger versions are at my Flickr page. How much would that suck, to wake up and find that? It's been a bad week for cars on 13th Street.


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