Saturday, June 21, 2008

Religious folks congregate at the Metro

Yesterday at about 5 pm, a large group of people were at the Metro, singing and clapping and passing out cards. I spoke to one of the people handing out the cards, he said they were from an apostolic evangelical church and were there for an event at the National Baptist Memorial Church at 16th and Columbia (the big round one). As for why 14th and Irving, he said they wanted to show their support for the event so they decided to go out witnessing and singing.

I thought at first that they were out protesting something, but that wasn't the case. Just more random interesting stuff in the hood.


  1. i saw these folks as well. singing in front of the 'project' on 14th street between irving and columbia. these sad folks are targeting the downtrodden and i think they (the targeters) plan SUCK. go back to the suburbs your righteous assholes.

  2. wow. it's a street corner. it's just singing. there are just as many people who worship God in the hood as there are in the burbs. what "downtrodden" folks are they trying to proselytize? as far as i can tell it seems folks already have their own faith whatever it may be. if you don't like it you can cross the street. this gentrificated BS website is ridiculous. i miss old columbia heights.

  3. Stacy, I didn't write that comment, I wrote the original post and said they were there and that it was interesting - that's it. I don't control what people say in the comments.


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