Tuesday, June 17, 2008

More on the Smashed Cars on 13th

Over at DCist, some folks have stories about the accident. One commenter said the car had Maryland plates, and the driver and his two passengers were injured and taken away in ambulances, followed by police cars - so they caught them, which is good.

Others have more of a play-by-play:
I can't say whether the guys were drunk or what, but witnesses said it seemed like the car exploded before it started plowing into other cars. The sounds was so loud....like a bomb. The guys in the car were completely effed up too. Seriously injured. It was crazy. The car that drove into everything was smoking.
One tire with its axle was lost from the offending vehicle itself after it smashed into the first couple cars (the Saturn lost a tire and axle, too), and then it skidded the rest of the block with sparks flying everywhere before it smashed into a line of parked cars. The impact was so severe that it pushed four cars far enough that he made himself a brand new, legal parking spot.
UPDATE: Flickr user fedward has more photos, taken today.

UPDATE 2: MPD confirms that the suspect was arrested, and has the case number if anybody needs it, while NBC4 has a brief item, saying it took 4 officers to restrain the driver.


  1. Funny, I wrote the first one. It was a real community experience too. There must have been 100 people drawn out to see what was going on. If it wasn't for the tragedy of human suffering and the property damage, it would have been a nice neighborhood moment.

  2. The reason why people come out of their *homes* on the 2600 block of
    13th St NW is because they are unimaginative and are merely concerned with their sacred property value.

    When Dante Manning was shot, at least two of my neighbors, horrified me with their worries of, "Oh now the whole world has heard this news and the value of our homes will fall".

    One wealthy neighbor who owns at least 3 properties on the 2600 block of 13th St NW forbid her 4 year old daughter from placing one of her stuffed animals on the memorial the neighborhood had created for Dante. I have no idea why. I thought it a sweet gesture on her daughter's part and was surprised by her comment.

    Well anyway I'm one of the rare CH residents. I think the place is an over-priced over-hyped shithole and cannot wait to escape to a place where quality of life is the normal way of life. I'm also different in that I did not head outside when I heard the crash.

    If it's not obvious - I no longer care about this pathetic place - nor the hoodlums and criminal landlords running rough shod over the decent people.

    I hope it implodes in on itself. And with the heightened violent crimes over the past 6 months, along with sparkling brand new very empty apartment buildings - it will.

    Oh and how sweet. This evening my landlord was chipper because THE ACCIDENT wasn't reported on any news channel. The values of his multiple CH's slum dwellings should be good enough so he may continue along his glamorous path of repressed homo alcoholic.

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