Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Meeting on the park at 11th and Monroe on Wednesday

There's going to be a neighborhood meeting on the little park at 11th and Monroe Streets on Wednesday. Currently, the park, also called Trolley Turnaround Park, has a little playground and that's about it.

Here's the meeting flyer, which despite what one guy says on the Columbia Heights listserve, has been spread around.
There will be a meeting held on 4 June 2008 at 1125 Spring Road, NW (the Mental Health Center), at 7:30pm, About the park at 11th and Monroe Streets, NW.

The purpose of this meeting is to provide a public forum for all the residents, especially those from ANC 1A04 and 1A07, to address concerns or make suggestions about the park. Residents of other Single Member Districts in ANC 1A are also invited to participate.

Results of this meeting will give directions to ANC 1A in its disposition of a Resolution that has been presented to make the park a more “family-friendly” park.

Please attend this meeting if you can. It is your voice that determines what happens with the park.
Not really sure what the issues are, though the park's Yahoo group mentions removing tables and chess boards. Here's the park on Google Maps.

UPDATE: Folks in the comments say there are drunks hanging out there and it smells like booze and feces. So there's even more reason to go to the meeting.


  1. I haven't followed the discussion, but I walk by the park once or twice a day, so I imagine the crux of the issue is that usage of the park consists almost entirely of male loitering, some of it drunken and much of it intimidating. Kids and families don't play there.

    I'm sure the eyesore of the huge fence is a contentious issue as well.

  2. I live on the next block from that park, and it's disgusting. You can smell human urine and feces regularly, particularly by the alley next to the park. There are drunken people there all the time, and I never feel safe walking by it, so I avoid that block when I walk my dog. I feel really sorry for the kids in the neighborhood, who can't play there because of the drunkards, and foul-mouthed people hanging out. I've also witnessed a car getting broken into while waiting for the bus in front of the park.

  3. Just an update, the meeting purpose has shifted somewhat. We aren't focusing on the specific resolution re: tables / benches but rather holding an open forum on this and other area green spaces. Someone from Washington Parks, Casey Trees, hopefully DPR, and likely Councilmember Graham (he is going to try to make it) will all be there. The park is a mess and everyone wants to see it revitalized, the question is how to accomplish this? There is a working group getting started to do so, and we are soliciting ideas from the community, beginning with this meeting.

    For more information (including how to sign up for the working group listserve and for minutes of the meeting once it is concluded) check


    Hope to see lots of folks there ...

  4. Preliminary meeting minutes posted here:


  5. The link got caught off when I posted, but go to the NCHCA main page and you'll find the full link there


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