Thursday, June 19, 2008

Kegs and Mini-kegs at D'Vines

If you've been to D'Vines on 14th lately, you've probably noticed the Rogue Dead Guy Ale kegs in the window. Store employees said those and kegs of pretty much any other beer they carry are available, but you have to order in advance - about a week. They provide the fanciest keg tap I've ever seen, but no trash can or bucket for ice.

They're not cheap either; I think the Rogue keg was something like $170 - which makes sense, considering this a good microbrew at 7.5% alcohol, not Bud Light or Busch or what have you. They also have log kegs (aka Cornelius kegs) in stock of Brooklyn and Rogue. The log kegs are about the size of an oxygen tank - they're normal kegs, just thinner.

In addition to those, they have mini-kegs (pictured) of Bell's Oberon Ale, a tasty wheat beer. It's $24 or so.

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  1. I believe I saw these same mini-kegs at Timor Bodega in Bloomingdale at 2nd NW and Rhode Island NW


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