Monday, June 16, 2008

El Rinconcito Café

By Robyn Mincher

We've all done it. Go to Columbia Heights Giant with plans for elaborate French dinner-everything homemade by you. Buy obscure, hard-to-pronounce ingredients. Walk out with blue bags filled with organic lettuce, some kind of pheasant and potent French cheese draped over each arm, and… decide to go out to eat.

Thankfully there's an authentic El Salvadorean café right across the Giant to go when hit with lack of motivation to cook, and its pretty damn good. A restaurant that includes pork with fried yucca root as well as above-standard burritos, tacos and fajitas, free chips and salsa, good guac, un-pretentious atmosphere, repeat-it-three-times-for-the-waitress ordering, semi-crowded but not no crowded, what else do you need to know (other than the fact that you don't have to cook it)?

Before the pricey French restaurants start to hit up the Columbia Heights scene, go to El Rinconcito Café for some authentic, cheap grub. Who likes pheasant anyway.

El Rinconcito
is at 1326 Park Rd NW, across from the Giant.


  1. Been goin for years. One of my favorite joints in DC.

    Make sure you try the banana empanada with ice cream. Its incredible.

    Also, its a great place to embarrass your friend on his/her birthday. They play and old fashion version of the birthday song on the loudspeakers. 5 times.

  2. This is my favorite hungover brunch spot. Huevos rancheros are like $8 and the plate is full of beans, eggs, fried plantains, tortillas, etc. Such a great deal! You're totally right about the "repeat it three times for the waitress" thing too!

  3. Salvadoran, no salvadorean or el salvadorean.

  4. I've seen it various ways, and their sign says Salvadorean, so I kept it as that.


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