Friday, June 13, 2008

Cool Old Map

I just saw this on rockcreek's Flickr photostream - it's an interesting old map of Columbia Heights, Adams Morgan, Mt. Pleasant and surroundings. It looks like the yellow streets are the existing ones and the red are planned, although the plan is very different than what actually was built, with traffic circles, a California Avenue, different street names, and so on.

Click the map or here for a full size version.


  1. damn, that's an awesome find!

    i like how all of the circles in the city would have been named after civil war generals had this gone through. we did end up getting grant, sherman, and logan, but adding meade and mccllelan would have been interesting too.

    and seeing NJ ave extended past it's current end is pretty neat too. the whole california ave., this is just a great map!

  2. Yes, Flickr user Rock Creek has lots of great images in his photostream. I hope that map is in the Columbia Heights group!


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