Friday, June 27, 2008

Children's Place coming to DC USA

Speaking of kids, I just noticed a coming soon sign for Children's Place in DC USA. It's a kid's clothing store. I guess they're really trying to turn DC USA into a major suburban-type shopping center, which I am pretty much in favor of.

But that makes me think - what would I rather be there? I'd prefer a bookstore or CD store instead of a Vitamin Shoppe and Mattress Discounters, for one. And of course, a better grocery store, but that's supposedly in the works, with Ellwood Thompson's "hard at work."

Anything you'd like to see in DC USA?

Photo by edward DC


  1. I hope the most recent rumors of REI come true. That'd be pretty sweet.

  2. The last I heard about that was in March, an REI person said they weren't looking at DC USA because it was too close to other REI stores. I'm following up now though, and also with Ellwood Thompson's.

  3. I really don't understand how places like Vitamin Shoppe stay in business generally. It seems like they're in every neighborhood, not to mention all the drug and grocery stores that already sell vitamins. Who are all these people loading up on Garlic and Fish Oil pills??


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