Thursday, June 5, 2008

11th and Monroe Park Meeting Minutes

The minutes are up from yesterday's meeting about the park at 11th and Monroe, and it sounds like it was pretty interesting. They want to fix up the park, maybe put in a dog park, and things of that nature. They want to clean it up and city officials say they have the money.

There's also talk of having a park in the middle of the block bounded by 11th, Park, Sherman, and Lamont. Jeff from the North Columbia Heights Civic Association says it's used as an illegal dumping and parking area now.

In general, folks are in favor of fixing up the 11th and Monroe park, but it might be pricey. Folks also want to try a critical mass approach, getting lots of people to use the park, and for there to be more green, less concrete.

Here's my favorite part of the minutes, where they were summarizing what everybody said:

"Anonymous resident (self-described drunk who hangs out in the park): people in the park aren't that bad, come on into the park, we welcome kids, we welcome the church."


  1. Speaking of parks, wasn't something "nice" supposed to/ promised to happen to the gravel pit between Kenyon and Park along 14th Street? The "yard" area in front of Rita's, Citibank, Julia's, etc.? I would welcome any update on this, but I seem to recall it being deemed public space and therefore the developers agreed that it would have grass, benches, etc. Am I dreaming?

  2. The city supposedly put out the RFP for this space this week (unconfirmed if it actually happened). It is supposed to be a mostly grassy area / public plaza featuring a fountain and interesting lighting, although who knows if that will change after the RFP process. Construction is supposed to begin in the relatively near future (at some point late summer) but of course, we've been hearing that for well over a year now. It is ridiculous that it has remained like that for so long, but hopefully the end is in sight ... if all goes according to plan it should be completed before next summer. Again, wouldn't hold our collective breath.

  3. PS If anyone is interested in shepherding (no pun intended) the dog park effort at the metro green space at 11th and Park, please let me know, this will only happen if a friends of the dog park group gets started.

  4. I'd be interested in helping out with a dog park. Especially seeing as people at the elementary school on Spring Road recently told people not to let their dogs run around in the front yard.

  5. dog park? so your dogs have a public place to poop? ridiculous. you should use your own yard and if you don't have a yard then you shouldn't have a dog. and if your dog needs to run, there is alway rock creek park.

    parks are for people.

  6. Since it takes about 25 minutes to walk to the Adams Morgan dog park or to get to Rock Creek, having a dog park in the area would be great. I would love to get involved in the friends of the dog park group. Who do we contact?

  7. is the contact for the dog park organizing


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