Thursday, May 1, 2008

Vitamin Shoppe Opens Today

The Vitamin Shoppe at 14th and Monroe in DCUSA opens today.

This is one store that I think might not last very long. Will people go to Vitamin Shoppes, with a Target, Giant, and CVS right nearby? It seems like this kind of place would require a lot of foot traffic, which the area doesn't really have. Yet, at least.

In any case, it's open. Anybody else think it might not last long?


  1. The one thing I think it has going for it is the fact that WSC will be in the same complex. Perhaps they can carry more "designer" and high end nutritional products for people going to the gym not available at the more mainstream stores.

  2. I would go to them if they have cheaper prices than Target and CVS. Agree that the WSC crowd might be drawn by pre/after workout drinks/supplements, that aren't available elsewhere in the area. Does VS have a loyalty discount card?

  3. I love Vit shoppe. I do work out at the gym and I definitely buy items there for the workout and vitamins. Hey -- lets support all of our neighborhood shops!


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