Friday, May 30, 2008

Meridian Pint going into the Bi-Rite

The other day I was walking down 11th and saw this sign on the old Bi-Rite store at Park Rd and 11th, 3400 11th St NW, which is caddy-corner from Red Rocks. There were a lot of rumors about the place, that the Warehouse art space would be going there and so on. Warehouse's move fell through, and I'd been hearing that the owner of Asylum in Adams Morgan was looking at it.

Looks like that is indeed the case, as the website on the sign, for architecture company 3DG (hard to read there) says just that:
Meridian Pint will occupy the entire ground floor and a portion of the lower level. Owner John Andrade, who has co-owned Asylum in Adams Morgan with his brother since 1991, plans to offer an American comfort-food menu with a generous vegetarian/vegan section; 20 beers on tap with an emphasis on Belgians; and a wide selection of wines and mixed drinks. The lower level will feature a lounge and bar area, and DJ entertainment is contemplated.
The top floor will be office space, with 3DG's offices and a travel company, Solimar, located there. Here's the full release on 3DG's website. The company also worked on Comet Rocket Bar in Chinatown, which is a pretty cool spot.

Sounds like a great addition to the hood. I'll try to get more info from Asylum and 3DG, such as timetable, plans, etc, so stay tuned.


  1. do we have some bar names mixed up here? correct me if i'm wrong, but i thought the bar on 7th street was rocket bar, and comet is up next to politics and prose on connecticut...

  2. Good point. Their site says "Comet Bar, 7th Street NW." I assume that should be Rocket Bar.

  3. I know this is late to the party but the original name of Rocket Bar was Comet and it is an oversight on our part not to change the name on the website.



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