Monday, May 5, 2008

Ellwood Thompson's "Hard at work on a lease" for DC USA

A new grocery store is closer to moving into DC USA.

I wrote last July on DCist how Ellwood Thompson's, a Richmond-based grocery store, was looking into opening a location in the DC USA shopping center. I've been following the story since then and just got in touch with the store's CEO, Ryan Youngman, who told me they're "hard at work on a lease" and "we don’t have an announcement as of yet, but we are hopeful that we are moving in the right direction."

The store carries a lot of organic and free-range products, buys a lot of its meat and produce from local farmers, and has a lot of standards for their products.

Youngman said they "have a general framework for the space layout that works for the both of us" (the store and Grid Properties, DC USA's management) and that the "behind the scenes folks (lawyers) are now hard at work get the details hammered out." He added "This doesn’t mean however 'it's a done deal'. So many things go into this process that it’s just not done until it is…" He said he didn't want to be overly confident about the process and disappoint the neighborhood.

Youngman added that they've been thrilled by the support from the Columbia Heights neighborhood, and said they "hope to have a announcement of some sort very soon."

No timetable, and it's not a done deal, but this sounds good!


  1. congrats you got linked to by the DCist!

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  2. of course, it's easy to get linked to by dcist when you write for dcist... ;)

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