Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Target Parking Garage Mugging Story = False

Remember the story of the Target parking garage mugging? The one that was posted on Craigslist (since expired) where the victim said "My person was searched while my senses were assaulted with all manner of epithets and threats."? Well, it's not true.

Prince of Petworth posted a few days ago that the story was false. I followed up with him and he forwarded me this email from MPD 3rd District Inspector Edward Delgado:
I was researching this incident that occurred at the Parking Garage at the DC USA Shopping Center. I have been unable to conform that robbery did actually at the garage that is operated by the District of Columbia. I responded yesterday to the shopping center and spoke with the project manager. He reported that he also heard about this Craigslists posting and he also did some research on his end. He met with his security staff and checked on the security logs and he also had no record of this occurring.

I checked the Craigslists posting and it sounds like there maybe some other motive to this posting. In the past rumors have circulated regarding this shopping center. Simply these are false and are intended to spark controversy within the community. Clearly, there is a large interest in the area and possibly long standing residents may not want the increased traffic in their neighborhood while competing for parking spaces. I can assure you that the DC USA Shopping Center is safe to shop in and each store has sophisticated camera surveillance equipment. In the past the problems that we have had are employees stealing from their employer. The Target Corporation is doing an excellent job in weeding out thieves that enter their stores and they actually prosecute these offenders. I thank you for bringing this matter to may attention.
Again, big thanks to Prince of Petworth for clearing this up.


  1. Actually, the thanks go to CM Graham, Insp. Delgado and the rest of the MPD, and the security for the DCUSA garage who spent their time chasing down and stamping out stupid internet rumors. Arguably not the best use of public resources.

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