Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Pete's Apizza First Day: S'ok

Some buddies and I went to Pete's Apizza Monday after work to check it out. The verdict: it's decent. Of course, it was only the first day, so maybe some of the kinks haven't been worked out.

The place was very busy, but didn't have as much of a restaurant atmosphere as I thought it would have - it's not very large and seems more lunch-ish than dinner-ish. There are maybe 10 tables and a long counter where you order.

The ordering is a little strange, you order either slices or whole pies at one register, then go to another to pay. Then they give you a number and you sit and wait. The slices are right in front of you when you order, but you don't get them for a few minutes - I guess they heat them up. It was a little confusing at first, and one of our party didn't get his slice for 10 minutes or so - some kind of mixup.

As for the important part, the pizza was pretty good. Two of us got white clam slices, apparently a New Haven specialty: they were good, if a little dry - that also might be an effect of buying single slices, which may not be the freshest. The sausage and mushroom slice was good, and my buddy bought a whole pie, which he liked. The slices are about $3, whole pies about $20.

They don't have beer or wine yet and folks at the register said it may be about a month. They'll have four local beers on tap, some Italian beer in bottles, and an Italian red and white wine. They also have very good gelato, but it's pricey - $4.50 for a small cup, $5.95 for a bigger one.

Most of us agreed that Alberto's, Radius, and Red Rocks are better places. Then again, buying a slice or two right off the Metro is handy. I'll go back in a little while to give it a follow-up.

And randomly, Councilman Jim Graham was there.


  1. Have you tried Moronis yet in Petworth? Great pizza!

  2. Been meaning to! Thanks for the reminder.

  3. come to moroni bros w/me! walking distance from my crib.

    also, you and karen from PoP should have a pete's throwdown - she raved about it :)

  4. Was there tonight (Friday) got the white clam and brought it home. I've had actual New Haven pizza on a few occasions and this stuff really rocked. I will say I love Moroni's and Red Rocks but this is a bit different and a great addition to the area. Seems as though they may have gotten better in just a few days.

  5. i heard that their gelato is actually from Dolcezza in Georgetown. Anyone know anything about that? It would explain why it's so expensive...

  6. Radius is better? No way jose...crappy pizza, super slow service, outrageous prices. Die, Radius! Die!

    You actually get what you pay for at Pete's.

  7. we'll have to agree to disagree anonimo

  8. i'm new to C.H. is there any late night joints in the area?


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