Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Muggings in the Target Parking Garage?

There was a message on Craigslist today talking about a man getting mugged there. Now obviously, I'd feel bad for the guy. However, call me cynical, but I don't buy it.

For one, it's kind of oddly written: "My person was searched while my senses were assaulted with all manner of epithets and threats." Then there's just stuff I don't believe, such as "...my call to 911 was greeted with, 'yeah we are getting a lot of gang activity at the target.'" Really? And this gem:
If you want to shop at the San Quentin (sp) prison mall then go to Columbia Heights and get the D.C. version. You will have fun spotting all the local gangs and those ner-do-wells that usually are only seen in the highest security wings of federal prisons.

My cop that arrived at the house and started me on the identity theft prevention procedure/forms had this to say; 'when predators identify an area that their prey needs to frequent, they stake it out as territory and invest a lot of time learning ambush areas for crimes. They are the lions and you are their prey item. Do not go unless you want to be stalked and attacked when the opportunity presents itself. Even men should not shop there in groups smaller than three.'
Maybe it's just the guy's attitude, but I find a lot of this hard to believe.

Hopefully this isn't true. Councilmember Jim Graham asked MPD about it on the Columbia Heights list, but so far we haven't heard back about it. Stay tuned.

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