Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Whoa, Suns Cinema opens this Sunday in Mt. Pleasant!

Suns Cinema, the long anticipated little movie theater and bar coming to 3107 Mt. Pleasant Street NW, just emailed me that they're opening Sunday. They'll be showing Moonwalk One, a documentary about Apollo 11 -- pretty funny for a launch. They're open at 5 and the movie will go on at 6:30.

They say to expect more info soon:
We are happy to announce we will be opening this Sun(s)day! Doors will open at 5 pm. Our first screening will be Moonwalk One (1970) at 6:30 pm on Sunday. Following the feature we will be open to the public for regular bar hours. We will launch our website and begin announcing our calendar this weekend. For press inquiries please email
I've written about them a few times before -- they got started as a Kickstarter about a year ago. To me it sounds like Visions, the much missed little theatre and bar that used to be on Florida Avenue near 19th Street.

Funk Parade is this Saturday: here's the route map and event schedule

The Funk Parade is back this Saturday, and they just released the route of the parade, the locations of their day fair (with lots of vendors, music, arts and more) as well as the venues and lineups for the many bands playing as part of the festival.

The parade itself starts at 4pm and goes from 6th and T NW, west to Vermont, up to U and then ends at 12th Street. It was a blast last time, a participatory musical joy-fest.

The Day Fair, which runs from noon to 7pm, is really fun too -- lots of artists and musicians doing all kinds of things, food, drinks, neat things to buy, local nonprofits and a lot more. Bands play at various stages the whole time, including go-go legends Rare Essence with hip hop legend DJ Kool, local hip-hopper Kokayi, indie band RDGLDGRN and a ton more. The full lineup for the Day Fair is here.

After the parade, there's a music fest from 7-10 pm at venues around the area, as well. Here's the lineup for that.

Click above to see the full version of the poster.

Another weird dog sign: "do not empty your dog here"

Something about Park Road seems to be bringing out some funny opinions on dogs: yesterday I saw a sign alerting people to video surveillance for dog poop, and today, this one: "please do not empty your dog here."

I'm not really sure how you empty a dog -- do you turn him over and stuff falls out? Or maybe you open the dog flap and shake? Is there a zipper I haven't noticed?

I get the idea, but strange verbiage.

Joe Englert's Reliable Tavern at Georgia & New Hampshire making progress

A while ago we heard that a new bar, Reliable Tavern, was coming to the old hardware store at 3655 Georgia Avenue NW, just south of the Metro.

It's run by Joe Englert, a prolific bar and restaurant owner -- he opened Temperance Hall (which became the Looking Glass Lounge) in 2006, as well as many other places around town, and was one of the main people responsible for the emergence of H Street as a nightlife destination.

Anyway, a few weeks ago the Reliable Tavern folks posted on their Facebook page that they received their construction permits, so work is underway. It also looks like there's a new awning and some other exterior construction. Good to hear, though that means and opening is still some ways away.

Englert opened the Rock and Roll Hotel, the Pug, Granville Moore's, Sticky Rice, the H Street Country Club and more on that street, as well as DC9, Trusty's, the Big Hunt, Capitol Lounge, Pour House and others around town.

He has his own Wikipedia page, and here's another profile about him from a few years ago.

I wonder if this means that he has his sights on Georgia Avenue? There's certainly a lot of properties that are vacant.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Target now has self-checkout lanes

Target in DCUSA is often popular, with big lines, but a new change might help: they just added a number of self-checkout lanes.

The eight lanes, located closest to the door, have a person or two monitoring them, but if they're anything like CVS or Giant, you'll be able to get out a lot quicker with them.

Now if we could only do something about the super slow credit card chip readers. 

Video surveillance for dog poop? What?

This is odd -- on Park Road the other day between Georgia and Sherman I spotted this sign, saying that the yard area is under video surveillance to make sure you pick up after your dog.

This is strange for a number of reasons. For one, what are they going to do, review the tape then search for the dog and owner? And then what, give them a stern talking to? Is someone constantly monitoring the video feed? Who has time for that? Why not just demand DNA testing for every dog? (I'm being facetious, but this really happened in San Francisco.) Or maybe the video surveillance is really for more serious things like robbery? It's weird all the way around.

Free specialty coffee tasting at Cove on Sat., May 7

If you like fancy coffee or just want to check out Cove, the coworking space in the Tivoli Building, check out their event on Saturday morning with different brewing methods and beans from all over. Sounds cool.
Event Title: free breakfast + specialty coffee tasting Date: Saturday, May 7, 2016Time: 10am-12pmLocation: cove Columbia Heights 3343 14th Street NW Link: freeDescription: come to cove Columbia Heights for free breakfast and a specialty coffee tasting with Sandra Wolter of Sweet Science Coffee. Five different brewing methods – Slow Dripped Cold Brew, Syphon, Karlsbad Brewer, Frenchpress, and Chemex – with single origin beans from all over the world.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Bar Otsukare hosting sake pop-up this weekend at Crane & Turtle with DJs

This sounds awesome -- Bar Otsukare, the Japanese whiskey pop-up from local cocktail experts Eddie Kim and Jesse Selvagn, is hosting a sake-focused pop-up this weekend at Crane & Turtle on Upshur. They're pouring a number of nama sakes, the first sakes made in Japan each spring. The event is called Sake Akachōchin, the word for the red lanterns outside bars in Japan.

The event will also feature Japanese beers, cheese "bento" boxes, Japanese pickles and shochu, plus DJs on each night.

Saturday's music is by Eau Claire (who is awesome) and DJ Brian Billion, and Sunday is DJ Ayescold and DJ CYD.

The pop-up is part of Crane & Turtle's Passion Project Pop-up Week, where staff host pop-ups in the restaurant on topics they're passionate about. As you may recall, Crane & Turtle closed last week, but the Room 11 folks still own the space.

Bar Otsukare co-organizer Eddie told me they plan to host more events in the future too.

Here's more from their Facebook page. Sounds really cool:
Come celebrate the return of Spring and Bar Otsukare with a night of nama sakes -- Japan’s first sakes of spring -- art, and music to cap off Crane & Turtle’s Passion Project Pop-up Week. Fresh, lively, vivacious, they’re as close as you can get from drinking straight from the tanks. 
When: Saturday April 30 & Sunday May 1
6pm - 2am
Where: Crane & Turtle
828 Upshur Street, NW 
Open to the public. NO reservations necessary 
Named after the red lanterns (akachōchin) that mark the entrances to Japan’s bars and restaurants, Sake Akachōchin is inspired from intimate sake bars in NYC and Japan -- sometimes tiny establishments where some hundreds of sakes are served in the most unpretentious and unassumingway possible. Throughout both nights there will be live DJs and visual art to accompany the nights’ festivities 
In addition to the 25+ varieties of nama (unpasteurized) sakes that will be available by the glass, shochu and beer will be available upon request. There will be food offerings as well in the form of cheese bento boxes, curated with the help of cheesemonger Angelica Ames, and served with Japanese pickles and accoutrements to taste alongside the sakes.
I've written about Bar Otsukare before a few times, they've done some neat events at Crane & Turtle and elsewhere. Definitely worth a visit.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Barre Bootcamp to benefit La Clinica del Pueblo this Saturday

La Clinica del Pueblo, a non-profit organization that provides healthcare and social services to immigrants and Latinos in the DC area, is hosting a Barre Bootcamp this weekend as a fundraiser.  It's a cool opportunity to get some exercise and help a local organization.

Here's more info from them. The class is $10, which goes to La Clinica.
What is Barre Bootcamp?
Barre classes include components of pilates, yoga, and ballet. The bootcamp activities will make you sweat! Join us. 
Where: All Souls Church - 1500 Harvard St NW, Washington, DC
When: Saturday, April 30
Time: From 3:00 pm to 4:15 pm
We will have great rafle prizes!
All levels are welcome.
Event details are here and tickets are here

Cool new Park View mural at Georgia and Morton

This is pretty neat: the other day I saw a new mural for Park View on the former Murry's Grocery building at Georgia and Morton.

The mural, by Victory Dance Creative, is simple but beautiful script of the neighborhood name. Victory Dance does a lot of interesting stuff around the area, including cool neighborhood posters which were on sale at Columbia Heights Day.

I love seeing this kind of thing -- wayfinding and neighborhood pride. (Although I'd argue Park View starts on the other side of Georgia, but some say it starts at Sherman and goes east.)

In any case, it's awesome.

Top photo from Kent Boese's Twitter, bottom from me, featuring my buddy hamming it up.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Got old prescription drugs? Get rid of them safely on Saturday

UPDATE: Make sure to check this site first. I went to the Fourth District Substation and the lady said they rotate which stations take the drugs on which weeks.

If you're like me, you probably have a few expired prescriptions laying around -- maybe antibiotics or other things that you don't need anymore. However, you shouldn't just throw them away or flush them down the drain, they can damage the water supply and and plants and animals that depend on that (including us!) Or worse yet, someone could get a hold of them.

So the government is holding what they're calling the National Take Back Initiative, helping local organizations collect those old medicines for safe disposal. In DC, the Metropolitan Police Department and the University of the District of Columbia are locations where you can drop off your medicines, no questions asked. They'll be open on Saturday from 10am-2pm. Here are the locations where they'll be accepting old medicines:
  • First District Station (101 M Street SW)
  • First District Sub Station (500 E Street SE)
  • Second District Station (3320 Idaho Avenue NW)
  • Third District Station (1620 V Street NW)
  • Fourth District Station (6001 Georgia Avenue NW)
  • Fourth District Sub Station (750 Park Road NW)
  • Fifth District Station (1805 Bladensburg Road NE)
  • Sixth District Station (100 42nd Street NE)
  • Seventh District Station (2455 Alabama Avenue SE)
  • UDC Van Ness Street Entrance (4200 Connecticut Ave NW)
There are also other sites around the area you can find here.

Here's more about the event: 
It's a great time to clean out your medicine cabinet! Protect our kids, families and environment by properly disposing of your unwanted and expired medicines. Medicines in the home are a leading cause of accidental poisoning and flushed or trashed medicines can end up polluting our waters. Rates of prescription drug abuse are alarmingly high - over half of teens abusing medicines get them from a family member or friend, including the home medicine cabinet, and often without their knowledge.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Funk Parade is back: Sat. May 7 on U Street

The third annual Funk Parade is coming in a few weeks: Saturday, May 7th on U Street. The event, which started as a Kickstarter three years ago, features a fair with vendors, food, music and more, a really fun participatory parade, and a music festival around town in the evening.

Their website, Facebook and Facebook invite don't have a ton of details on what will be there exactly or when, but previous years there were beer gardens, lots of vendors selling crafts, food and more, performances by all kinds of artists, lots of freebies, politicians, and bands all over the place. It was really fun. I would assume this year will be similar.

The "day fair" where a lot of that will take place is noon-7pm on U Street, the parade itself is 2-5pm, and the music festival is 7-10 pm. In previous years, the music festival was in lots of venues around the area, I expect it will be the same way this year.

I'll update when I hear more info -- but mark your calendars!

Here's a list of bands that will perform, from their website:

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Bloombars hosting Prince tribute concert tonight, musicians and artists needed

Local arts space Bloombars will be hosting a tribute event for Prince tonight, from 8pm to 1:30 am. So far there are nine performers for the night, and they're looking for more musicians and artists to perform.

If you'd like to help out, email

There's already almost 400 people interested on the invite and another 100 who say they're attending, so it sounds like it will be big. And given the range of Prince's music, it sounds like it will be a lot of fun, too.

Bloombars is at 3222 11th Street NW, next to Wonderland and Bad Saint.